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I’m here to help you realise the full potential of your brand – through images, through corporate identity design, through web design, through advertising and much more


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My strongest area is: designing magazines, catalogs, corporate identity development, “rocking” advertising on public transport, label productions etc.

Car, van - lettering / images, complete digital design

in transport design service

I’ve created a number of successful public transport advertising designs, which are used on the sides of buses to raise public awareness of your brand. When you want to make a hit with the city crowd, buses are a great place to start. My designs are eye-catching and always developed with a true understanding of your brand. From colour to font, all the elements work together to bring your business to life on the road.

Magazine, Periodicals & Newsletters Graphic desig

in magazine design service

From banners and logos to full layout design, I create magazines that give your message the space it needs. I have experience in both corporate and arts based magazine design; and with a range of businesses; nightclubs; and bars in my design portfolio, I know what appeals to each target audience.

Website Graphic Design / Online Shops Design

in website design service

Web design combines every element of creative branding into an interactive tool – an object that’s both brilliant to look at and amazingly easy to use. I work in conjunction with outstanding freelance web developers to bring you full website solutions for online branding and ecommerce purposes. Browse my Freelance Web Design page to learn more.

New Logo Design with Corporate Identity Guidelines Guide

in logo design service

One of my core skills is as a corporate identity and logo designer London. I’ve created brand identities and logos for a number of international clients including nightclubs; supermarkets; and beauty salons. You can see some for yourself by heading to the Projects page.



My images and concepts are already helping hundreds of satisfied companies to raise public awareness of their products and services, to advertise better, and to bulk up their revenue streams through an enhanced and unified brand image. I have worked for sporting institutions; for restaurants; supermarkets; media companies; for nightclubs; web design companies; and newspapers. My skills encompass all aspects of high quality design, as well as web maintenance and layouts. If you’d like to see some of my most recent projects, take a look at the Projects section of my site; and if you need references or testimonials, just ask. You can get in touch with me by calling 07546 681 556 or by emailing


I use the latest versions of all the major software design packages. You’ll find a list at the bottom of this page. I am passionate and motivated, able to work equally well as a sole freelance graphic designer or as part of a team. I bring projects to completion on time and in budget. I work within brand and design guidelines to create innovative and inspiring solutions. I work with multiple media including photography to create designs through from initial concept work to finished project. I ensure all design projects retain consistency with my clients’ corporate image. I have a Master’s degree in graphic design; and a Master’s degree in magazine and book design.


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some facts about 2b designer

I am a passionate, highly talented, driven and flexible graphic designer with a proven record of delivering creative and innovative design solutions. My strongest area is: designing magazines, catalogues, corporate identity development, “rocking” advertising on public transport, label productions and menu designs.


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